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Meet Dr. Kris Strang D.C.

Dr. Kris Strang, a native to Sauk Rapids, MN, first stepped into the holistic world of chiropractic as an athlete. His participation in athletics sparked an interest in chiropractic care, which he found to be the most effective treatment for his sports-related injuries.

Dr. Kris Strang

He furthered his passion for health and wellness at Minot State University, where he not only completed his Bachelor’s degree but also played four years of college football. His journey continued with a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life Chiropractic College West.

For eight years, Dr. Strang applied his expertise in San Diego, CA, helping patients as a Chiropractor. During this time, he recognized a recurring problem - many people struggling with chronic health issues were not getting the help they needed. Often, they were given more medications or passed off, leaving their underlying issues unaddressed. This observation prompted his shift towards functional medicine, a field where he could delve into the root cause of health problems

Now, Dr. Strang is committed to helping his patients overcome issues such as fatigue, digestive problems, hormone imbalances, weight loss difficulties, and anxiety/depression. His goal is to empower his patients, providing them with the necessary education to live their healthiest and most active lives. With a strong belief in motivation and proactive health management, Dr. Strang is dedicated to driving his patients towards their optimal wellness.


At True Wellness, our mission is to transform the health journey for those living with chronic diseases across the United States We strive to create a place where patients are not just heard, but truly understood and validated.

As a functional medicine practice, we are committed to providing personalized, natural treatments that go beyond the symptom-focused approach of traditional medicine.

We aim to work with our patients naturally, bypassing the use of drugs or surgical interventions, and instead crafting customized treatment plans that address the root causes of their health issues

Our ultimate commitment is to empower every patient, equipping them with the tools and understanding they need to live their best lives. At True Wellness, we're more than a healthcare provider; we're a partner in our patients' journey towards optimal health."



Our vision at True Wellness is to revolutionize healthcare encounters. 

We envision a future where each patient is attentively heard and provided with a treatment tailored not only to their present needs but also their future health.

We foresee a healthcare environment where treating the root cause of an ailment, instead of merely managing symptoms, becomes the standard — a place where every individual can genuinely regain and maintain their health.

At True Wellness, we strive to be the leading force in manifesting this vision, fostering a world where true health is accessible to all.

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